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Brownies & Cubs can now take their Rider/Equestrian Activity Badges here at Riding Farm.

We are able to cater for the whole Brownie or Cubs pack at one time.

Following the conditions of the Rider Badge, as laid out by Girl Guiding, and the Equestrian Activity Badge guidelines set by the Scouts; our Brownies & Cubs are coached through each section of the requirements, working in small individual groups to ensure each child receives the attention they need.

As such, our Brownies/Cubs are much more likely to receive their Badges, even if they have little or no experience of riding.

Each Brownie/Cub will learn how to dress safely for riding, catch and lead a pony, mount and dismount correctly, and ride a quiet pony. They will also be instructed in the basic care of the pony and how to identify parts of the saddle and bridle and also points of the horse.

For further information and all booking enquiries please call Emma on: 01732 838717 or email: ridingfarmoffice@aol.com