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Oliver Twist – 10.2hh Gelding

10.2hh Grey Gelding, Foaled 1st May 2005

Passport Name: Grangebeg Oscar

Stable Name: Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was imported from Ireland by Sally in July 2018.

This absolutely adorable little chap has stolen the hearts of everyone at Riding Farm.

He would be ideally suited as a first ridden pony; as his behaviour is so thoroughly angelic both on the ground and under saddle, that he can be totally trusted with his little jockeys.

To handle, Oliver Twist is an absolute dream. He potters along quietly on the lead rein, ties up well and stands like a rock to be groomed, tacked up and generally fussed and flapped over. If you are used to bargy, ill-mannered ponies as is so often the case with the little ones, then Oliver will be a god send!

In the arena, Oliver is a quiet, obedient ride both on and off lead rein; however he is still a very willing partner and enjoys his work. With a more experienced rider he can show you what he is really capable of! He has three well balanced paces, is easy off the leg and has a lovely soft mouth.

Totally and utterly unflappable (as you can see from his pictures!) he would make a brilliant gymkhana or handy-pony for local shows as he is completely unfussed by anything typically ‘spook-inducing’. A Pony Club home would be ideal for Oliver, as he is more than capable of turning his little hoof to anything his rider wants to throw at him.

We have hacked Oliver down the busy lane outside Riding Farm and he was absolutely steadfast in traffic, and didn’t bat an eyelid when a large van passed him too fast and close.

He is also quite happy to plod round the field on a loose rein.

First ponies like Oliver are worth their weight in gold. As such you can be sure that he will be the envy of all other horsey mums everywhere, with a long wait list of parents ready to snap him up for their own children once he’s been outgrown!