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Queenbridge -16.1hh Grey Mare (Foaled 2016)

Queenbridge, Grey Mare, Foaled 2016, 16.1hh

Genetic Sire: Baltydaniel Silver Fox (ID)

Genetic Dam: Battlebridge Girl (UNK)

Queenbridge is a stunning 16.1hh Irish Mare who was imported by Sally from Ireland to Riding Farm on the 3rd August 2020. 

This mare is superbly put together and really looks the part. She is extremely level headed and straight forward – every rider’s dream!

The total package, Queenbridge has three super paces and is obedient off the leg with an athletic way of going, working nicely on the flat. She also shows good scope over show jumps and pops coloured poles in a positive but relaxed way.

Queenbridge is a gentle giant and loves a fuss! She is a pleasure to handle on the ground with a kind temperament and loving nature. 

She is currently working at our riding school for a range of riders in both jumping lessons and on the flat and is proving herself to be a real superstar!

This very eye-catching mare would make a great all-rounder!

No vices. Good to shoe, clip and catch. 

Sold with a Horse Sport Ireland Passport 

If interested, please contact Sally Gosling by email ridingfarmsales@aol.com or text/call 07827 598752


Lass – 14.3hh Mare

14.3hh Grey Mare, Year of birth 2011

Lass was imported from Ireland by Sally in May 2019.

‘Practically perfect in every way’, this is a really special pony!

Built more like a small horse than her 14 or so hands would usually dictate, she really is superbly put together, with a gorgeously lithe and athletic frame, not to mention a really pretty head.

Lass is a sports pony in type and as such she would be ideally suited as a second pony for a competent child that wants to get out and about competing or taking part in Pony Club activities. She would be equally well suited to a smaller framed adult looking for a really fun but smaller ride, as she has all the right qualities to make someone a super little competition horse.

Lass is a forward thinking but safe ride on the flat. She is a really easy ride in the arena because she sits in front of the leg effortlessly, but by the same token she is easy to adjust and collect. She has three well balanced paces and works in a super rhythm in a light contact.

This smashing mare also absolutely adores her jumping! With us she has flown round a course of 70cms including fillers and oxers, but she definitely shows the scope and the technique to go higher. She is a forward, balanced ride into and away from her fences, but doesn’t require endless setting up and isn’t at all strong – we jump her both in the arena and out on the cross country course in a simple snaffle.

Lass joins Sally’s Group Cross Country session on a weekly basis and has proven herself to be a safe yet bold ride over solid cross country jumps. She handles herself exceptionally well in company and doesn’t become strong or silly out on course.

To handle, she is an absolute diamond. She really enjoys being made a fuss of and was my horse of choice to teach one of our young clients how to plait up, as she stands quietly to be fiddled with and is very patient.

I cannot stress enough what a good sort she is. Snap her up quickly, because she will not stick around long!

Lass is sold with a Leisure Horse Ireland passport.

More pictures to follow!

Oliver Twist – 10.2hh Gelding

10.2hh Grey Gelding, Foaled 1st May 2005

Passport Name: Grangebeg Oscar

Stable Name: Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was imported from Ireland by Sally in July 2018.

This absolutely adorable little chap has stolen the hearts of everyone at Riding Farm.

He would be ideally suited as a first ridden pony; as his behaviour is so thoroughly angelic both on the ground and under saddle, that he can be totally trusted with his little jockeys.

To handle, Oliver Twist is an absolute dream. He potters along quietly on the lead rein, ties up well and stands like a rock to be groomed, tacked up and generally fussed and flapped over. If you are used to bargy, ill-mannered ponies as is so often the case with the little ones, then Oliver will be a god send!

In the arena, Oliver is a quiet, obedient ride both on and off lead rein; however he is still a very willing partner and enjoys his work. With a more experienced rider he can show you what he is really capable of! He has three well balanced paces, is easy off the leg and has a lovely soft mouth.

Totally and utterly unflappable (as you can see from his pictures!) he would make a brilliant gymkhana or handy-pony for local shows as he is completely unfussed by anything typically ‘spook-inducing’. A Pony Club home would be ideal for Oliver, as he is more than capable of turning his little hoof to anything his rider wants to throw at him.

We have hacked Oliver down the busy lane outside Riding Farm and he was absolutely steadfast in traffic, and didn’t bat an eyelid when a large van passed him too fast and close.

He is also quite happy to plod round the field on a loose rein.

First ponies like Oliver are worth their weight in gold. As such you can be sure that he will be the envy of all other horsey mums everywhere, with a long wait list of parents ready to snap him up for their own children once he’s been outgrown!

Paddy XL – 11.2HH Gelding

Paddy XL

11.2HH White Gelding, Year of birth 2007.

XL by name, but certainly not in stature, this mini marvel was imported from Ireland by Sally in November 2015.

This utterly adorable little gelding would ideally suit as a first or second pony, as he is so quiet on and off the lead rein but has enough get up and go to make an entertaining ride for a more experienced jockey.

In this way he would be the perfect purchase for a family with two children at different stages in their riding.

Paddy is a delightfully forward yet totally responsive ride in the arena and does not require kicking along like so many ponies of his type. With a lovely soft little mouth, he will also stop and turn at the lightest touch.

Paddy also enjoys his jumping, so don’t let his diminutive physique fool you – he jumps as if he has springs in his heels! Happy to cruise around a little course of show jumps, he doesn’t mind fillers and is keen without being fizzy.

This little sweetheart is also a super hack, remaining just as rideable as he is in the arena and as you can see from his video, he is utterly unfazed by traffic.

The icing on the cake with this pony is his really forgiving temperament – he is a joy to handle and is well mannered to groom, tack up and lead, ambling along very quietly.

A pint sized pony with a huge heart, Paddy has so much to offer and really deserves a loving home where he is bound to become his new little jockey’s pride and joy.